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Security Training 

  • Our fee: $75.00 includes all class materials Group discount, 2 or more, $10.00 off regular price.  Veteran discount (or currently active military), $10.00 off regular fee.


    • State law requires a class time of 4 to 6 hour not including breaks and tests.  Please note it’s impossible to cover all material required by DPS in only 4 hours.

    • The DPS requirements for testing include the written test and the shooting proficiency.  This class will not teach you how to shoot.  Please do not enroll if you do not know how to shoot.  Please contact Michael  about personal handgun training to learn to shoot.  The written test taken at the end of the class consists of 25 questions and a minimum score of 70% is required.  The same is true for the shooting test.  A minimum score of 70% is required.


    •  Shooting Proficiency Test 

    • Students are responsible for their gun, ammunition, and eye and ear protection.  Ammunition must be American made.  Reloads are not allowed.  Please do not bring steel ammo, bring brass ammo only.  .  A minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition is required for the proficiency test of 22 cal. or larger.


    • You must know how to shoot.  

    • You must have cleaned your gun even if recently purchased, brand new, or the gun might and probably will jam.  Standard glasses or safety glasses are acceptable eye protection.  

    • Ear plugs or over the head ear protection and a cap or hat is required as well.  

    • Loose fitting clothing is not recommended; hot ejected brass could go down your clothing. 

    • Under new Texas State statutes the Concealed Handgun License class is no longer a 10 hour course, the in classroom time requirement has been changed to 4 to 6 hours. 

    • According to the statute and DPS, that does not include breaks, written test, or shooting proficiency testing (the class will take longer than 4 hours because of DPS requirements).  


    • DPS does not allow any handgun training or shooting proficiency training in this class.  If you’re concerned that you may not be able to score the minimum of 70% on your shooting proficiency, please contact us and sign up for personal shooting instruction or one of the Pistol shooting courses, 


    • Basics of Pistol Shooting, or First Steps Pistol Orientation.  The pistol shooting courses can be done one-on-one or in a small group environment.  Our CHL classes fill up fast, sign up now to reserve your spot or click on the CONTACT tab to the left and contact us.


    • Texas Department of Public Safety CHL Information:




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